Everyday Christian starting new congregations.

Home Fires of Hope is the overarching name and theme of a church planting movement led by everyday Christians.  The phrase “Everyday Christians Starting New Congregations” is self-explanatory.  A large church or a very small church can start a Home Fires of Hope congregation.  It is low cost and easily reproduced, so leaders of these congregations do not have to be trained extensively.  This will enable smaller congregations to be involved.

An existing church can identify a potential planter for a Home Fires of Hope congregation.  This planter will not necessarily have to leave his or her current congregation.  A Home Fire Fellowship can easily meet on Friday evening, or any other time of the week other than Sunday morning.  These newly formed congregations will be called Home Fire Fellowships.

These Home Fire Fellowship congregations will have the definite and distinct purpose of growing into new and self-supporting congregations.  They are not intended to be cell groups or satellite groups that feed members back into a sponsoring congregation.  The expected outcome will be totally new congregations.  Most of the leaders or pastors will come out of the harvest; that is they will be identified and trained as they are won to Christ, participate, and reveal leader potential.  Normally, Home Fire Fellowships will grow out of the home or original meeting place, and need to move to larger facilities such as a school, and eventually may need to buy land and build permanent facilities.  

If a Home Fire Fellowship does not grow after some length of time we will still rejoice at what God has done.  Nothing has been lost.  These new Christians can be guided to the sponsor church or another established church.  This too, is worthy of rejoicing.

The Cincinnati area is growing and changing, more must be done. A church planting movement led by everyday Christians will be vital, alongside our fully funded church plants, in order to make a significant impact for Christ in Ohio.

Free Resources

  • Introduction Booklet
  • Pastor's Training Manual
  • Indigenous Church Planting in Review by Charles Brock
  • John, A Bible Study Guide by Charles Brock
  • Romans, A Bible Study Guide by Charles Brock
  • Galatians, A Bible Study Guide by Charles Brock
  • Plant Ohio Training Manual - A training program designed to help church planters develop the mindset and skills necessary to plant evangelistic, reproducing churches which will result in church planting movements

 2014 Everyday Christians Church Planter Training School - To learn more send your name, e-mail, and name of your church to  caba@fuse.net  .

For more information contact David Coppedge @ 513-724-7182 or caba@fuse.net